Quasar Automation provides preventive and corrective maintenance services for its prisons where equipment such as x-rays, metal detectors, narcotics, explosives, among others, are included, as well as specialized high security solutions such as:

Smart fences

– Grating scaling, cutting or lifting detection
– Ground movement detection by footfalls among other applications
– 360 degree infrared sensors for real-time monitoring of perimeter intrusions, movement in playgrounds, among others.

Signal intelligence

– Selective management of the Radio Frequency spectrum (2G, 3G, 4G, WIFI, etc) within prisons
– Anti-drone protection and neutralization system, designed to detect, identify, track and neutralize different types of drones operated within the radio frequency spectrum.
– Integration of solutions in local and remote command and monitoring centers.


Preventive and corrective maintenance service to X-ray machines of various brands.