We take care of giving «intelligence» to any perimeter fence, through fiber optics, to detect minimal vibrations, such as walking, crawling, digging, vehicle movement, including cutting, climbing and raising the fence.

Our solution:

You do not need electrical or electronic power in the field, reducing overall infrastructure costs.
They are not susceptible to external electromagnetic interference such as RFI / EMI.
An intrusion can be identified with an accuracy of 3 to 4 meters in a perimeter of up to 60 km. of length.
Fiber optic cabling is highly resistant to weathering and corrosion
Easy to install, and require minimal maintenance, allowing significant savings year after year in security costs.
Our smart fences are perfect for:

• Military bases
• Government Facilities
• Oil and Gas
• Transportation
• Public services
• Industry / Manufacturing
• Borders between Countries
• Residences


Fence Mounting: Fiber optic cables can be placed on any type of fence to detect and identify the location of violations including cutting, climbing, and erecting the fence.

Using advanced signal processing, the false alarm rate can be minimized without compromising the sensitivity of intrusion detection.

Sensor montado en la cerca
Sensor Enterrado


Fiber optic cables can also be buried to detect and identify the location of violations at sites with limited physical delineation. The cable is placed in a variety of different patterns depending on the established requirements for detection.

The buried sensor perimeter solution can detect even the smallest vibration, for example when walking, crawling, digging or the movement of vehicles.